How many of us talk much Love everyday,how many of us carry true Love and all aspects of it's caring ways?
How many of us know what a true Love being is all about, how many of us know how to interpret true Love and always know what it's about.
The feel and guidance if it's ways,the touch of hearts as it display it's wares.
The momentum of an understanding to always be true.
Yes! The beautiful ways you see others the way you see me and I see you.
In these days Love is described in so many ways, and what I can tell you is that it's never about materialistic wears.
It's always about an understanding of a true heart, to embrace others and let true Love take part.
It's about understanding and to immediately know, feel embrace share shower and show.
The divine essence of Love, created given  and shared from Creator Father God in the Highest of the heavens above.
It's individuals knowing always to take part,because they carry a genuine Love heart.
Showing sharing taking Love all around, it's helping the weak and stranded Lovingly from off the ground.
It's the full display of wares to always show individuals a genuine Love Heart that cares :)
Love is patient Love is kind it always protect and never to others seemed blind.
Love always trust Love always hope, Love always persevere and with opened conscious eyes always scope :)
Love is a truness of self worth,Love always lead you on your truthful path of walk life turf.