Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Love Guide.

Always remember that Love is Power and it will guide you always with a truthful heart, so just embrace it's true ways take your seat and always take part.
Let a true heart be your guide, as it would not tell you any lies.
It's the compass that will continue to direct your true way, as it shows you how to listen to what it softly says.
Let it show you the difference between right and wrong,let it continue to help you rise from the ground.
Yes! A  true heart of soul, as it never grows old, it only speaks with a true gentle voice that always embrace with genuine Love and never scolds.
Let it lead you always in a direction that it knows is always right,so hold on to it's way of ways very tight.
Listen to a true heart of way,a genuine heart that displays so much care.
As it will put you always on a true standing, that in this manipulating world individuals are so much demanding.
Yes! And as it will continue to show you the light you will be directed by heart, to take your place and make a truthful start :)

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