Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Embracing a True Warmth of Hearts :)

Do you also feel it the warmth of truthful hearts?
Do you also know it with it's true intentions that never part?
The truthful softness that it so carefully and beautifully bring, always makes your inner being light up smile and always sing.
The connection of wares, that help remove the running tears.
The holding of it's hand ,that so gentle embrace with cares and is never in a rush of demand.
Embracing a true heart with much love that never parts always puts you in the right light, of a truthful way that you know and feels is alright.
As the love always flow, in directions  it will continues to grow.
To touch everyone in sight,and they to will shine bright all through the day and night .
In a loving heart of way,that brings much more love and sympathy of cares.
With much warmth and never envy or selfishness of wares, but warm hearts always carry a heartfulness of great cares.
Yes! With truths to hold that never grow old.
As it always magnifies in ways Yes! An embracing truthful warm heart that cares. :)

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