Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Feel Me :)

Feel me when I speak, feel me when I teach.
Feel my every core, feel the truthfulness that is sure.
Feel the essence of a true way, feel the heart of being that truly cares.
Feel the epic of voice, that comes peacefully with love and no noise.
Feel the depiction of a true voice that quietly and soulfully takes part, Yes! the inner essence of a true heart.
Feel me,as your inner eyes will see.
Feel the way I care,and the heart that I bear.
And how your ears willing open and the sweet word you hear :)
The genuine voice behind a care ,that shows individuals how to walk their way.
A precious gift from God that I get to share to all, on this passage of way that I used to make a roaring soft call :)
A whisper of voice that so softly speaks,as it lifts the needy and weak off their stranded feet.
Feel me with a touch that so gentle hold.
Feel the way I speak to you with never a scold.
Feel the precious heart inside that open the eyes of the unconscious sleeper with a dictation of hand,from my Awesome Sovereign Creator God and Love keeper of man  :) 

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