Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Seeing Love Knowing Love Feeling Loved :)

I want to talk about Authentic Love today,and describe in my ways a true Love of way.
I had a chat with a connection early in the day, and I wanted also to let everyone see the Love's True Way :)
When it comes to Love I always see it as "Divine" but with others some don't see it the way I do, and I'll tell you my way as I have much time I'll share it with you :)
I'm very serious when it comes to Authentic Love ,as I know where it's originated and I experienced and have first hand knowledge of it's Creator in the Highest of Heavens up above :)
Authentic Love is pure,it's a Love that is sure.
It's not a Love to knock about like a trend,the way some do to manipulate a John Lois Sophie or Ben .( Just a reference okay)
It's not an out of season way,as True Love is alive around and is here to stay.
It's an embodiment of True Authentic ways of cares, and never stands for lying ways.
Love alway stands up for right, and never scolds in a harsh manner or raised a hand or weapon to physically fight.
Love protect when lies and false ways appear, it rejects as Love knows it's True ways.
It never stands with evil hands, because healing caring and motivating is what it does with a Truthful plan.
True Love embrace from the Heart,and Soul as your inner being light up feel safe smile and spark :)
Authentic Love doesn't come from a genie that you should make a wish.
Love is shared showered showed and given through Truthful hearts and not from a genie of a wayward dish.
It's sent when you asked shared showered and showed.
It's sent from a Loving Father and Creator whose Love never grows old.
You pray and ask as it's also sent, it's never borrowed bought or rent.
It evolves as your inner being grow and it erupts when it's being used and spreads high up to and fro Yes! Even down low :)
It's a solid standing, that is caring warm soft shuttle and never demanding.
It's a way you land in birth, when you gain a place in world as a baby when you are put on your earthly turf.
The Love arrives with you as a shield, to touch your parents that for you had a need.
And Love always stays with you as a growing seed,to help with spiritual and conscious needs.
As I said the Love always stays,but it's the individuals that strays.
The hurts and works the manipulation of world and individuals dampens the Love way,and puts individuals on wrong and false roads of "No Cares.
But as soon as you're awaken to see Love's True Light, you shine even brighter than a full moon in the dark of a night.
You see the True Love way shows with glare,and opens your eyes of heart to show you the True way :)
So when you hear someone echoes Love you will know,if it's True or just a show.
As you'll be able to heal, see taste sense and in being feel.
Yes! You will be touched by it's way, and you will be able to distinguished the false Loves of fear disguised to manipulate your way.
As fear and doubt disguised themselves in so many wears,but a Truthful Loving Heart always knows it's own and knows the false manipulating ways of fear.
Always remember that Love is True ,its a way to help lead heal guide Yes! And the way I Love all of you :)
It's the way a True Heart always cares, and the equipment of all its wears.
So always feel see sense taste and know True Love the next time it comes your way,and Please know what True Love is about with the approaching of this false Valentine's day.
The Authentic Love is so sure,it's the Love a Creator and Father shows when he looks in his baby's eyes,and puts them on a place that is full of hatred manipulation and lies.
The Love is so sure that in life you persevere and endure,because at the end you know that to you Father will be there to meet, and will sit with you on your winners seat :)
So everyone Please don't ever lose your way put in the Love that is always being poured out over your souls to make you renew.
That is the Truthful Love that Father God always sends to you.
A Father's Love to cherish a Love that never parts an Authentic Love in oneness with your Father God Yes! Your Creator's Heart :)

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