Friday, 6 May 2016

When Is A Smile Not A Smile?

When is a smile not a smile do you know can you tell me when?
Is it just a look with the showing of some teeth with an openly grin?

Is it a smile with a quirky look that shows much deceit,is it mouth closed and a stare that look most discreet?

Is it a wide smile as it  opens ear to ear,is it a soft simple look that is full with love respect and so much awares?

What is it can you tell ,can you identify a smile that will put a sparkling light as sweet pavements in your way as it's lighted well.?

Well as I identify them to you ,you will know the smiles that meet you as to know what they mean, if for peace or just to be seen.  

The smiles that some individuals show if it's a friendly smile fake or just for a show.

As some come with so much deceit that if you are not conscious will hit you like a fast train right off your feet.

And some smiles when you see them really makes you melt inside,as your being is opened up to give them a loving hug so wide :)

A Simple Smile-

A smile without the showing of teeth,just a slight pinch of face that looks really neat :)

A Fake Smile_

This one everyone should know as you can find one on every fake friend,the ones that always put it on their face and Yes!You can always tell.

I looks like a Botox look with a crooked stance hard like a book that looks like a thiefing

A Happy True Smile-

This one can melt the icing off of cake,as it puts a face also on you and make your inner being come fully awake.

This smile is an ear to ear that depicts the trueness of heart, that makes you happily glow and your eyes  also spark.

Yes! it puts hearts sweetly on fire in a Love body touch,this is a smile I adore seeing and one I love to do very much :))

Mankind's False Interpretation of Love and knowing it's True Value

There are but a few in society who knows the value, description and meaning of the word "Love" and know it's authenticity.

To some it's just a mere mock up of the word an unidentified and unworthy caused.
Some say "I love You" but behind that it shows hate, treason, envy, deceit , abuse and cruelty.
It is being used as a mere gimmick and trial in an undignified way but why?Why are so many using it and not saying it in Truths?
It's because they don't know or care to appreciate and embraced the meaning,  value and true essence of the word in actions.
"I Love You" now flows from mankind's mouth like a trend, a despicable, unedified mockery not to be shown for appreciation but for treason.
Not showing the genuineness of it's meaning but to be used as a "What you need to hear word".
It is being said without clarity without definition of it's meaning, with no reliance, no attitude and no limit.
Anyone who knows the truthful meaning of "Love" it's appearance and it's nature would immediately identify and know when it's just being showcased and said out of content as a mere ignorance, lust or for appetite.
When one has "Lustful Love" it makes them want to get what they need in sight and mind, this is not real love but just a mere means of illusion ways.
That is intimidated by the mind's interpretation of it's unqualified needs.
"Lying Love" will fall under the category of ignorance it comes about when one say what one needs to hear to get what one wants.
A mere means of deceiving the other in a nullified diplomatic way with a straight face , delusional mind and a tainted heart.

I Like?- I Love? -Does Anyone Know The Difference?

The contents of this blog really opened up my mind's heart of soul more than ever to my intellectual experience and intelligence as to answer with clarity of disposition. 
The meaning of these two words of emotions sounding a like but one differs from the other in so many ways than one.
The percept and concept of what some may call a living word but yet when you say them they somehow define the elements of speech and what it is directed to.

Yes!  These two words but so different, sounding so much like the other but when you can really used them and know the essence of the words you will be able to say them and appoint them to the necessary accolades without mishap or perspective of view.
What is the meaning of "Like? You may asked,Well for my view and answer of
the word "Like" I would say that liking something or someone is a mere appoint of view.
You like it but it's not an important factor it's just a playful gesture of emotions.
When liking something or someone it's not deep or damaging meaning it does not control you, whatever your liking may be appointed to.
In mankind's dictionary you find the meaning of the word "Like" as used to draw attention to the nature of an action or event.
Well I think that my meaning of "Like" sounds more appropriate as a defilement.

I have a matured mind and my intellect and mentality has evolved tremendously, I no longer see words as by words of every day usage words. 

I now see words and used them for they true essence of meaning. 

I have learned and yes I am still being taught :) of how to feel, know each word of vocabulary meaning of emotion and use them appropriately.

That way when you hear words being said, you can actually feel the word, the emotion behind it and know the conclusion behind i. 

That is, if it has an idolized meaning behind it or if it's just a mere look like gesture of emotion without harm.

I can say that I like something,but can I say I love it? No! Not really. 

I have to know which words to use,and how to appoint it to it's right structure of phrasing. 

I can not say I love something when in fact it's a mere infatuation,and not bonding. 

I can say that I love my creator, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, because I know the essence of the word love. 

I know why I say it, when I say it and where it comes from, and how it is defined when I say it.

I would not used the word ‘‘ like’’ in this process because it would be a lie. 

And I would not just like my creator who brought me into being, because I know we have a bonding a true authentic love bonding. 

And I used the word love here as it is and was meant to be used in the at most genuine and truthful way.

Now again I can say I like a dress or other but that doesn't meant that I am in love with it, no way, no shape ,no how. 

I like it by means or a mere fact that it fits right,it has the right material,style,color or price.

I would not say that I love it, because it's materialistic, it's something that changes in style, fashion and era.

I work at a retail establishment and the way some customers used these two words of content is appalling, sometimes I have to voice my opinion by saying "I love that dress,shoes,jewelry to death? Seriously?

Do they know what they are saying? Do they know the difference of "like" or "love" or the out come of the consequences that they of predictions that they manifest on themselves? No they don't.

Why would anyone want to die for a dress or any fabricated piece of materialistic wear? 

I say to some of them ,really? For just material,you love these things to death?

Or your heart would break if you don't get it?SERIOUSLY???

Isn't that appalling? Yes it sure is, think about it! 

If these people used love for a dress,jewelry,actors,singers, I wonder what word and how they would used love when they have to say it to God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit or to someone that they would say they truly cherish.

It's When,Where and How.

(1) When to used the right word as it should be directed upon,to describe a mere element of usage.

(2) Where to used the right word and direct it for it's useful and appropriate construction.

(3) How to defined,that is, how it was appointed to,to clarify your true emotion of clarity and not for waste.

Everyday these words "like"and "love" are being thrown left and right in speech sentences, and no one seem to know the difference. 

They used them just as words of context, and never for they meaning just words of false gesture.

It's a way of mankind's false interpretation of Love, and they need to know the true value of the words Love and like. 

So on seeing a dress, shoes, bag, jewelry etc, that you think that you would die for. 

I beg of you! Please look at these things ,really look at them. 

Think of your words of predictions that you put in the atmosphere on your selves, don't ever forget that the mouth speaks life and death.

Search and feel deep within your heart and soul, and get the true authentic meaning of your actions of admiration. 

Don't let it be an delusional eye sight attachment but let it be a true authentic harmless viewing of liking that you can just look at and turn away from.

So when next you go shopping or other test  your ability to know the difference between "like" and "love" feel the words you used, know why you are using them for they true vocabulary meaning of emotion and used them appropriately for their true worth. 

You say you love me more but do you Love Me Less?

Around the month of February mankind gears up and prepare them selves for a day to say "I love you" to each other.
And,"It's a day of mankind's undignified falsely motivational way of depicting love to each other".
~Marcelle Hinkson
What I don't understand is why wait for a specific day to say "I love you’’.
Why not say it everyday to each other if you really mean it and it is true.
To me it's the difference of knowing when, why and how it is said, "When GOD says "I LOVE YOU" it moves you, but when mankind says "I love you" it just soothes you for a little while and then it goes away and is gone. 
"I Love You" is repeated over and over again as an effort to gained admiration by mankind to each other and yet again they refused to adapt to it's authentic way of meanings and value.
The phrase has been broadcasts frequently and aired with the false understanding that it will guarantee an embodiment of self reliance of issues.

It's repeated over and over yet the word protrudes without clarity of essence that never flows, it's repeated and the love never shows.
Individuals say "I Love You" to each other but some don't even understand the word and it's true meaning and the essence that lies within.
They say "I Love You" to each other so often but they love each other less.
When you look around at marriages of today one can not but try to figure out what is causing the uproar, division and disturbance of couples who stood  together and cherish and vowed their love to each other as husband and wife in holy matrimony.

Or was it just a "Watch or Want The Money" marriage?
The "I Love You phase flows from they mouths continually, and again I asked!  Do they know what they are saying?
Authentic love is not about division, it's about completion, it's about staying together as one as an everlasting institution of embodiment.

So why the divisions in marriages by individuals who confess their love to each other?
The question I always asked is was it ever true authentic love in the beginning or just their illusional way of thinking, for financial gain or other?
When ever your heart is filled with real authentic love and you show it's meaning of values to your wife or husband, it's always a bonding institution.

Everyday will be like meeting each other for the first time, the love should never die, it should always move you in more ways that one.
The presence of it's authenticity in a relationship should not be lessen by it's multiple words of embracement and usage.
As a married couple who devotes themselves to each other and is sharing true love as their foundation, they should love each other with an everlasting love that continues to grow each day for each day will be always portrayed as a new day of they commitment to each other.
I find it self endangering when a couple could stand before hundreds of people committing themselves to each other, and display a false love, a love that was never true at all, then to walk away from each other without even having a single thought about the real basic of the entanglement.

That is! If they had not already had an agenda in mind.
Individuals seem to say "I Love You" more to each other but with less intentions.

And I am telling you that if your heart or the heart of the other individuals is filled with light and love, when ever you or some one say "I love You" to each other you will know that it is true with good content.

And your heart will alert and confirm it's presence and it's authenticity, as ‘‘ The heart is the instrument of love not lies, it will confirm it's presence, refute it's lies and embrace authentic love’’~ Marcelle Hinkson
In life when you meet some one that portrays love to you, I will recommend that you let your heart guide you not your mindful way of thinking about bank accounts or other lustful way of the eyes and false interpretation of the mind. 


Falling In? and Out ! Of Love.

So often do we see individuals of a people in society falling in and out of love, and one can not but ask, Is this real Love or just a false lustful manifestation of the mind and eyes attentive way of depicting love? 

The mere fact that these individuals fall in and out of love so easily, we can but only acknowledge the truth of the matter and that is that it was never love, it was never true authentic love but lust and a false direction of mind. 
As I said, it's just a mere means of an illusion manifested by the mind and eyes of these individuals, who for one reason or another think that they are in love.

They are so easily blinded by what the mind tells them, and their eyes portray love as what? Lust, financial gain, financial independence or sometimes mere companionship.
We have a people in society who no longer look at love for it's true value, but also try to manipulate the meaning of love for their uncouth and undignified ways.
As a mere means of getting what they want to achieve as and for a standard in life.

Mankind no longer see the elements of love as a true emotion, they no longer use the true benefits of true authentic love, and they no longer acquire the significance of what it brings and that is self alliance.
True authentic love is a hearts true authentic way of showing love in more ways than one, it's a true heart that shows real values of it's way.

A true heart depicting what it is made of compassion, commitment, peace, unity, guidance, caring, sharing, solitude, a strong foundation, motivation and encouragement.
A love that is not base on these fundamental aspects of love's true ways is not love at all but a mere mind and eye illusion Yes! And a mockery of self. 
Real authentic love is cherish, it's embrace, it's an ongoing connective love, a love that you don't want to miss or depart from.
On the other hand this love that seem to be embodied by a people in society in this world, they just seems to be acquiring a fake love.

One that is not manifested through the Fathers heart and hand but is a love that was produced from the depths of hell.
It's a false love that lies, hates, torments, a love that throws back and gives false illusions to individuals of a people in society a false love that kills and destroys each individual's mind standing and health.
Tell me people!  Do you see this as true authentic love? Or should I be asking!  Do you know true authentic love and can you identify true authentic love?
As a people living in a society in this world we shall all make true authentic love the foundation.

What do some have? All some have is a shallow, weak and false foundation that can crumble and fall apart at any time.
That is why we have a people in society who is falling in and out of what they think is love so easily. 

It was never real and true authentic love but just a mere means of a false way copied by the enemy to administer conflict and disconnection on a people in society.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Love of Wears Ripple Ways

Show and share love and love will endure as it continues to touch and touch individuals and so much more.
Individuals that want to play a part as their love always flows to others with a heart felt touch as it departs.
Sharing and showing love that is what it's all about ,making individuals smile and happy in the most beautiful way.
"A Love of wears Ripple ways" every individual show much love to each other with a true heart felt care.
This is what it's about helping and appreciation from the heart soul of mouth.
And each individual takes each other by the hearts of hands, and let them know of their truthful stands.
It's great to get individuals in one place it's a unified reasoning.
With individual's loving hearts that shows great respect of love for each other Yes! Love and respect that's needing.
"A Love or wears Ripple ways" always connect to it's source , and it leaves everyone with a loving feel of touch and never a regret a peaceful poise as it goes on to it's directional course.
It's Truth displayed in Love wears as each individual sends more love to whom their care.
Bringing in more love that also makes everyone aware.
It's a keidoscope explore of love,appreciation, truths and so much more .
As new individuals enter and keep coming instead of exiting the door.
And each individual continues to wish each other well.
With precious words from meaningful heart to each other they continue to tell.
Like water that's touched in a special way ,sends out ripples and spreads out in all ways.
Always from a gentle affectionate touch that's never damaging like a hard slap.
It's a touch a feel a long gentle embrace, that ripples and resonates with love all over the place.
And it touches all individuals that's engage .
And always willing to connect to it's loving ways :)

The Momentum of an Understanding Heart

A precious heart that flows with a true gift with warmth of a truth of understanding.-Marcelle Hinkson
Connected with love sent and aligned from above with the most immaculate seed of feed.
An embracing way that shows other's you can help,equip and put them on a true standing for a new birth.
With an energetic need and little movement or speed everything aligns in it's way, giving way for all that's connected and show great care.
It's a must this need of an understanding heart to always aligned and never part,it's truth of essences is worked by few,as you see some flowers and grass with dew.
A definition that the wise will understand in heart and know that it should never part.
You see it was given to Chosen one's as a seed to grow out and always flow wide and long.
An immaculate way of a beautiful bliss that other's should embodied and never miss.
It was sent from a special love,High in the Highest up above ,to embrace and wear it well, as Truth and Love from your hearts true voices will continue to tell.

Let Love Surround You

Let love surround you let it touch your heart and soul.
Feel the pureness of love it's peaceful caring passage of embracing arms that leaves you feeling whole.
Let love surround you let it guide and lead the way.
To remove the manipulating barriers the one's that try to block your way.
Love is an essence of energy made from God for you.
It guides and helps you and always shows up when you're sad and feeling blue.
True love comes from the heart and your Creator God always knows your heart because he put it there.
To maintained a sharing of growth and a truthful loving way of care.
Not to be tainted by world of ways and it's manipulation of effects.
But to hold on to love and get full attention of respect.
A surround of love to touch individuals in your path of way.
To help and embrace them well and show them authentically you care.
Let love surround you let your soul of energy ignite.
Let it push it's truthful ways into dark passages that was holding on to you real tight.
With the soul of a universal energy that all is connected to, but some get blocked by a world of manipulating ways and unconscious living they continue to do.
So let love surround you as it penetrates you in the core,and you will be a kaleidoscope of caring aspects and so ,so much more.
Let love surround you let it filled you with life as it dismembers all the strife of the bad ways of world that has you cutting individuals like a knife.
So let love surround you and settle in your heart, always to reside and never to depart.