Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Love of Wears Ripple Ways

Show and share love and love will endure as it continues to touch and touch individuals and so much more.
Individuals that want to play a part as their love always flows to others with a heart felt touch as it departs.
Sharing and showing love that is what it's all about ,making individuals smile and happy in the most beautiful way.
"A Love of wears Ripple ways" every individual show much love to each other with a true heart felt care.
This is what it's about helping and appreciation from the heart soul of mouth.
And each individual takes each other by the hearts of hands, and let them know of their truthful stands.
It's great to get individuals in one place it's a unified reasoning.
With individual's loving hearts that shows great respect of love for each other Yes! Love and respect that's needing.
"A Love or wears Ripple ways" always connect to it's source , and it leaves everyone with a loving feel of touch and never a regret a peaceful poise as it goes on to it's directional course.
It's Truth displayed in Love wears as each individual sends more love to whom their care.
Bringing in more love that also makes everyone aware.
It's a keidoscope explore of love,appreciation, truths and so much more .
As new individuals enter and keep coming instead of exiting the door.
And each individual continues to wish each other well.
With precious words from meaningful heart to each other they continue to tell.
Like water that's touched in a special way ,sends out ripples and spreads out in all ways.
Always from a gentle affectionate touch that's never damaging like a hard slap.
It's a touch a feel a long gentle embrace, that ripples and resonates with love all over the place.
And it touches all individuals that's engage .
And always willing to connect to it's loving ways :)

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