Friday, 6 May 2016

Falling In? and Out ! Of Love.

So often do we see individuals of a people in society falling in and out of love, and one can not but ask, Is this real Love or just a false lustful manifestation of the mind and eyes attentive way of depicting love? 

The mere fact that these individuals fall in and out of love so easily, we can but only acknowledge the truth of the matter and that is that it was never love, it was never true authentic love but lust and a false direction of mind. 
As I said, it's just a mere means of an illusion manifested by the mind and eyes of these individuals, who for one reason or another think that they are in love.

They are so easily blinded by what the mind tells them, and their eyes portray love as what? Lust, financial gain, financial independence or sometimes mere companionship.
We have a people in society who no longer look at love for it's true value, but also try to manipulate the meaning of love for their uncouth and undignified ways.
As a mere means of getting what they want to achieve as and for a standard in life.

Mankind no longer see the elements of love as a true emotion, they no longer use the true benefits of true authentic love, and they no longer acquire the significance of what it brings and that is self alliance.
True authentic love is a hearts true authentic way of showing love in more ways than one, it's a true heart that shows real values of it's way.

A true heart depicting what it is made of compassion, commitment, peace, unity, guidance, caring, sharing, solitude, a strong foundation, motivation and encouragement.
A love that is not base on these fundamental aspects of love's true ways is not love at all but a mere mind and eye illusion Yes! And a mockery of self. 
Real authentic love is cherish, it's embrace, it's an ongoing connective love, a love that you don't want to miss or depart from.
On the other hand this love that seem to be embodied by a people in society in this world, they just seems to be acquiring a fake love.

One that is not manifested through the Fathers heart and hand but is a love that was produced from the depths of hell.
It's a false love that lies, hates, torments, a love that throws back and gives false illusions to individuals of a people in society a false love that kills and destroys each individual's mind standing and health.
Tell me people!  Do you see this as true authentic love? Or should I be asking!  Do you know true authentic love and can you identify true authentic love?
As a people living in a society in this world we shall all make true authentic love the foundation.

What do some have? All some have is a shallow, weak and false foundation that can crumble and fall apart at any time.
That is why we have a people in society who is falling in and out of what they think is love so easily. 

It was never real and true authentic love but just a mere means of a false way copied by the enemy to administer conflict and disconnection on a people in society.

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