The contents of this blog really opened up my mind's heart of soul more than ever to my intellectual experience and intelligence as to answer with clarity of disposition. 
The meaning of these two words of emotions sounding a like but one differs from the other in so many ways than one.
The percept and concept of what some may call a living word but yet when you say them they somehow define the elements of speech and what it is directed to.

Yes!  These two words but so different, sounding so much like the other but when you can really used them and know the essence of the words you will be able to say them and appoint them to the necessary accolades without mishap or perspective of view.
What is the meaning of "Like? You may asked,Well for my view and answer of
the word "Like" I would say that liking something or someone is a mere appoint of view.
You like it but it's not an important factor it's just a playful gesture of emotions.
When liking something or someone it's not deep or damaging meaning it does not control you, whatever your liking may be appointed to.
I'm mankind's dictionary you find the meaning of the word "Like" as used to draw attention to the nature of an action or event.
Well I think that my meaning of "Like" sounds more appropriate as a defilement.