Let love surround you let it touch your heart and soul.
Feel the pureness of love it's peaceful caring passage of embracing arms that leaves you feeling whole.
Let love surround you let it guide and lead the way.
To remove the manipulating barriers the one's that try to block your way.
Love is an essence of energy made from God for you.
It guides and helps you and always shows up when you're sad and feeling blue.
True love comes from the heart and your Creator God always knows your heart because he put it there.
To maintained a sharing of growth and a truthful loving way of care.
Not to be tainted by world of ways and it's manipulation of effects.
But to hold on to love and get full attention of respect.
A surround of love to touch individuals in your path of way.
To help and embrace them well and show them authentically you care.
Let love surround you let your soul of energy ignite.
Let it push it's truthful ways into dark passages that was holding on to you real tight.
With the soul of a universal energy that all is connected to, but some get blocked by a world of manipulating ways and unconscious living they continue to do.
So let love surround you as it penetrates you in the core,and you will be a kaleidoscope of caring aspects and so ,so much more.
Let love surround you let it filled you with life as it dismembers all the strife of the bad ways of world that has you cutting individuals like a knife.
So let love surround you and settle in your heart, always to reside and never to depart.