Friday, 6 May 2016

Mankind's False Interpretation of Love and knowing it's True Value

There are but a few in society who knows the value, description and meaning of the word "Love" and know it's authenticity.

To some it's just a mere mock up of the word an unidentified and unworthy caused.
Some say "I love You" but behind that it shows hate, treason, envy, deceit , abuse and cruelty.
It is being used as a mere gimmick and trial in an undignified way but why?Why are so many using it and not saying it in Truths?
It's because they don't know or care to appreciate and embraced the meaning,  value and true essence of the word in actions.
"I Love You" now flows from mankind's mouth like a trend, a despicable, unedified mockery not to be shown for appreciation but for treason.
Not showing the genuineness of it's meaning but to be used as a "What you need to hear word".
It is being said without clarity without definition of it's meaning, with no reliance, no attitude and no limit.
Anyone who knows the truthful meaning of "Love" it's appearance and it's nature would immediately identify and know when it's just being showcased and said out of content as a mere ignorance, lust or for appetite.
When one has "Lustful Love" it makes them want to get what they need in sight and mind, this is not real love but just a mere means of illusion ways.
That is intimidated by the mind's interpretation of it's unqualified needs.
"Lying Love" will fall under the category of ignorance it comes about when one say what one needs to hear to get what one wants.
A mere means of deceiving the other in a nullified diplomatic way with a straight face , delusional mind and a tainted heart.

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