Friday, 6 May 2016

When Is A Smile Not A Smile?

When is a smile not a smile do you know can you tell me when?
Is it just a look with the showing of some teeth with an openly grin?

Is it a smile with a quirky look that shows much deceit,is it mouth closed and a stare that look most discreet?

Is it a wide smile as it  opens ear to ear,is it a soft simple look that is full with love respect and so much awares?

What is it can you tell ,can you identify a smile that will put a sparkling light as sweet pavements in your way as it's lighted well.?

Well as I identify them to you ,you will know the smiles that meet you as to know what they mean, if for peace or just to be seen.  

The smiles that some individuals show if it's a friendly smile fake or just for a show.

As some come with so much deceit that if you are not conscious will hit you like a fast train right off your feet.

And some smiles when you see them really makes you melt inside,as your being is opened up to give them a loving hug so wide :)

A Simple Smile-

A smile without the showing of teeth,just a slight pinch of face that looks really neat :)

A Fake Smile_

This one everyone should know as you can find one on every fake friend,the ones that always put it on their face and Yes!You can always tell.

I looks like a Botox look with a crooked stance hard like a book that looks like a thiefing

A Happy True Smile-

This one can melt the icing off of cake,as it puts a face also on you and make your inner being come fully awake.

This smile is an ear to ear that depicts the trueness of heart, that makes you happily glow and your eyes  also spark.

Yes! it puts hearts sweetly on fire in a Love body touch,this is a smile I adore seeing and one I love to do very much :))

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