Friday, 6 May 2016

You say you love me more but do you Love Me Less?

Around the month of February mankind gears up and prepare them selves for a day to say "I love you" to each other.
And,"It's a day of mankind's undignified falsely motivational way of depicting love to each other".
~Marcelle Hinkson
What I don't understand is why wait for a specific day to say "I love you’’.
Why not say it everyday to each other if you really mean it and it is true.
To me it's the difference of knowing when, why and how it is said, "When GOD says "I LOVE YOU" it moves you, but when mankind says "I love you" it just soothes you for a little while and then it goes away and is gone. 
"I Love You" is repeated over and over again as an effort to gained admiration by mankind to each other and yet again they refused to adapt to it's authentic way of meanings and value.
The phrase has been broadcasts frequently and aired with the false understanding that it will guarantee an embodiment of self reliance of issues.

It's repeated over and over yet the word protrudes without clarity of essence that never flows, it's repeated and the love never shows.
Individuals say "I Love You" to each other but some don't even understand the word and it's true meaning and the essence that lies within.
They say "I Love You" to each other so often but they love each other less.
When you look around at marriages of today one can not but try to figure out what is causing the uproar, division and disturbance of couples who stood  together and cherish and vowed their love to each other as husband and wife in holy matrimony.

Or was it just a "Watch or Want The Money" marriage?
The "I Love You phase flows from they mouths continually, and again I asked!  Do they know what they are saying?
Authentic love is not about division, it's about completion, it's about staying together as one as an everlasting institution of embodiment.

So why the divisions in marriages by individuals who confess their love to each other?
The question I always asked is was it ever true authentic love in the beginning or just their illusional way of thinking, for financial gain or other?
When ever your heart is filled with real authentic love and you show it's meaning of values to your wife or husband, it's always a bonding institution.

Everyday will be like meeting each other for the first time, the love should never die, it should always move you in more ways that one.
The presence of it's authenticity in a relationship should not be lessen by it's multiple words of embracement and usage.
As a married couple who devotes themselves to each other and is sharing true love as their foundation, they should love each other with an everlasting love that continues to grow each day for each day will be always portrayed as a new day of they commitment to each other.
I find it self endangering when a couple could stand before hundreds of people committing themselves to each other, and display a false love, a love that was never true at all, then to walk away from each other without even having a single thought about the real basic of the entanglement.

That is! If they had not already had an agenda in mind.
Individuals seem to say "I Love You" more to each other but with less intentions.

And I am telling you that if your heart or the heart of the other individuals is filled with light and love, when ever you or some one say "I love You" to each other you will know that it is true with good content.

And your heart will alert and confirm it's presence and it's authenticity, as ‘‘ The heart is the instrument of love not lies, it will confirm it's presence, refute it's lies and embrace authentic love’’~ Marcelle Hinkson
In life when you meet some one that portrays love to you, I will recommend that you let your heart guide you not your mindful way of thinking about bank accounts or other lustful way of the eyes and false interpretation of the mind. 


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