Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Pure Love Is True Love.

Pure Love is true Love it isn't lust true Love is not greedy,true Love is not "I Must Have!

True Love is caring it is always true  ,it is the genuine way that complement you.

True Love always know what it should do,it is not a love that hates,intimidate or abuse you.

True Love is genuine True Love is sure,True Love is safely guiding you or someone through a meaningful and safe door.

True Love is not slaming the door in your back,and tell you never to come back.

True Love is the blissfulness of heart, it's carrying a caring way always when you or others leave each day out the home and depart.

True Love is seeing the inside of your soul's eyes, True Love is always truthful and it would'nt lie.

It's like opening a special door that never gets lock with an iron barde gate, true Love is the purest of Love that never hate.

True Love is always willing to expand,true Love takes each brother man by the hand.

Some individuals see Love in material that they so like to display, a mere means to satisfy self as they walk their path of way.

True Love is never bought it is showed ,showered and shared, it freely flows to individuals that walk in a True Heart Love of way.

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