Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Feed The Sheep-Help The People-The Masses.

Feeding the sheep is helping the people, the masses of individuals.

And it should always come in good ways it's not about hurting anyone bullying them or giving them sad days.

Feeding the sheep is protecting your brotherman, as you feed them with a true heart of willing hands.

And it should not be a demand or your own agenda to use anyone in any way.

It's directing them in a conscious way to always show love and a truthful care.

It's making someone that had a bad day feel good, even if it's good words of motivation from you that can be understood.

You know! Everyone is pushed to help but sometimes it's not what they are willing to do.

And after they are finished they say that it isn't for them to do.

And I say, to feed the sheep is a willing way that you keep it is a way with passion inside, that brings a sparkle to your heart soul and eyes when you can input to make someone happy and they can make a real genuine smile.

You ask for nothing and you take nothing in return.

As all that you want to know and see is that the individual is consciously aware and standing on strong feet.

You know! I do have a passion and the passages my life lead me to was what I am always willing to do and that is to help my brotherman, motivate them and help them up by hand.

And when I met two separate individuals in an area of helping passages and they looked at me and told me that I can not save everyone.

It just shows me the entity inside the individual that I see doesn't have a truthful heart soul of hand, just a way of business to make fast cash with a camouflage plan.

You see! Yes! I can save everyone even if it's a word, a touch, a hug or to tell them how I Love them so much.

I know that they would know, that good is out there and bad is not the way to go.

And yes! A good change will come and a will from them to do such, I am not in this for games and I'm not in it for fast cash.

And I will tell everyone! That anyone that has a will passion for helping will try to save everyone.

No one should be telling you that you cannot save everyone unless they don't have caring ways, as most likely their intentions are not to help but to finish off the individual's days.

‘‘To Help Is Always AWilling Passion’’~Marcelle Hinkson

Will you willing help feed the sheep, the helpless individuals that may come your way the one's that hurt so bad that they eyes reflect what they want to say before you meet?

Will you care will you share will you put the truth always out there?

Will you help your brother man by a true directional heart soul of hand and not by a greedy self-benefit controlling plan?

Will you help guide them into truths to let them know the positive ways of aspects in things to do?

Will you genuinely Love them will you take up a stand to willing help your brother man?

Feed the sheep is what I promise to do and I hope that everyone can see truths and feed them on the right to do.

Don't let the sheep wander in aimless careless ways, help show them true directions that will help make their way.

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