Sunday, 12 March 2017

True Love Heart Of Ways

A sweet embrace a suttle feel arms that hold lovingly with the most humbleness of security.

And you will melt in loving arms holding arms of deposition with a sense of care that will keep you calm with understanding.

Love's true gentle kiss embraces the soul with loving arms of ways that never grow old.

Sweet touch of feeling loving ways that help all that is needing.

With always a caring way with the humbleness of guiding ways.

Pure love from the heart will always be seen it's aspects of ways is always efficiently clean.

Soft and gentle caring heart's ear that carry a listening of caring motives with a heart of full aware.

The momentum of understanding individuals from the heart and seeing only the skin face factor as a wear on this earth as each individual takes part.

The heart speaks softly and if only some individuals would listen to hear that there are individuals out there all over that needs an understanding heart to hear to help them to be guided in a true way.

Love sees in all color love see the pureness of truth love see an individual that is in need and the ones that are trustworthy and willing to help you.

As a loving caring heart always knows it cares it knows it's directions and it is always aware of all the suffering bodies, that are why true pure Love is willing to help everybody.

Love knows hurt and love knows the pain a love of hope gains back strength the same and that is what a true heart do, try to help each other up a brotherman of people, mankind, individuals just like you.

A true love's way of a true heart's care will open it's heart doors to the needy but will be aware to always look out to see and acknowledge the look and presence of the greedy. 

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